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    Oh no my love of weddings and all things bridal is reemerging!! My wedding theme, if it had to have one, was classic elegance and a Jewish wedding. I got married 2000 miles away in my home town so I left 90% of the planning up to my mom (who has impeccable taste and is a perfectionist). I told her my colors and vision and she did a great job. The location we chose required you to use their catering (which is fine as they have superb food) for the sit-down dinner and even the wedding cake. I kinda just showed up! I had a "big reveal" like on tv, and I was taken aback by how perfectly everything turned out. Originally I wanted an intimate mid afternoon Sunday wedding on a boat, but the event turned much larger once in our home town. My inspiration was a vision of an old jewelry box full of vintage jewelry ... so our colors were cameo pink, coral, pearl, soft gray, and a little gold. We had white linens and simple china with a gold rim. I got my wedding dress in downtown LA in the garment district in the same area where they well all the quinceañera dresses. It was a steal. To make things personal, I had a luckenbooth that my husband gave me sewn to my bouquet, and I attached a blue button from my dearly missed grandmother to my dress. I didn't really care about the cake at all, but the groom's cake was red velvet in full school spirit. We didn't do any crafting. I think I already lost the guest sign in book. The one thing I absolutely regret is not having a videographer!!
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    Aw, fun. I'll have to dig up a couple photos. We did a very simple wedding...late spring with lots of tulips, white lights, and very simple decor. Kind of 1920s inspired dresses and black & white accents.

    Here is one of my favorite wedding ideas though, plus you end up with something lovely to hang in your home as opposed to a book that gets put away with your wedding keepsakes....
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    I love everybody's weddings! Mrs. H, thanks for sharing the blog - I LOVE all the cowboy boots and everyone looks gorgeous, especially you.

    I won't be much help because I did have a formal, sit down dinner wedding...I did do a lot of DIY and Etsy, though. My colors were citrus - tangerine, soft lime, and a hint of lemon yellow. Both h and I's favorite color is orange, funnily enough. We got married in a church, but had the reception at a resort on the beach. It was Sep 4 and very hot in southern California. We had citrus fruit accents throughout - orange tree and blossom illustrations on the invites and programs, lime slices floating in the vases (all of my flower arrangements were in mason jars or vintage apothecary bottles), and kumquat boutonieres. For seating cards, I wrote everyone's name and table number in silver pen on a green paper leaf, then pinned it into a clementine with a paper orange blossom. That was my favorite DIY I tried to keep the citrus motif subtle, but I'm sure some thought it was cheesy. I thought it was fun and summery.

    I keep trying to add pics but it's not working
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    This is a fun thread. I am not a wedding person at all. If I weren't so cheap, I totally would have hired a planner. My advice isn't revolutionary: Spend (money and time) on what matters to you, and scrimp on what isn't important. And don't let anyone convince you to do things that aren't your cup of tea. We didn't have centrepieces, real flowers (except boutonnieres and corsages for the moms), a cake cutting, a dance, or a garter toss, and we took a lot of flack. In the end, no one noticed the lack of centrepieces (as the food was served "family style"), the fake flower bouquets looked real, and people told us they enjoyed being able to talk without loud music. The ceremony was at my church which is huge, so no way to make it fancy without spending a ton of cash. Here are some shots of our bouquets (made by my best friend's MIL), tables and ceremonies:

    The only things we splurged on were the location (an amazing museum overlooking Canada's Parliament Buildings), and my dress, which my mom insisted on covering. I'll post so you can see the beautiful location.

    I went into it thinking, "As long as we're married at the end of it, it will be a perfect day." The worst thing you can do is make so much of your wedding that you don't have any fun!

    PS Poppy, I adore your framed Italy map. That is so lovely!
    PPS My husband refuses to have his photo posted online, hence the doctored photos. :-)
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