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    Ottilie, my sister got married last November and it was beautiful! We got a lot of ideas from the best part of the day was walking into the city centre in the late afternoon and asked if they could have a few photos on a carousel! The photos looked great, and because they didn't ask before hand, and just turned up in their wedding gear he couldn't exactly say no! It was so funny there were lots of tourists taking pictures and getting excited!

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    Yay for July weddings! Also getting married in July... at a country club with 280 of my closest family and friends (any one catch the sarcasm at the end there?) Navy, ivory, pearls and lace... and the future hubs all military'd out!

    I'm a traditional girl and Hispanics go big on weddings. To be honest, I secretly wish I had done a destination wedding on a Caribbean beach barefoot with a flowy dress and sea shells. The planning has become my part-time job! I want to be married... I'm done planning the thing.

    Ottille- I spend way too much of my life on Pinterest and The knot. But I got so many good ideas from both!
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    I did a black and red nighttime wedding. My flowers were just roses with no added greenery or fluff, and my bridesmaids all carried a single red rose. Music was from the Narnia films. The centerpieces were glass vases willed with water with a single red rose standing in each in a bed of red glass stones and a candle floating on top. Cake was drizzled with chocolate and rose petals. I found a pattern for Renaissance sleeves and had a family friend add them to my sleeveless dress.
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    The website weddingbee was one of my most useful resources and pintrest was helpful too.
    I got married almost 2 years ago in a really simple ceremony in a courtyard at my parents church and we had a short reception upstairs.

    I guess my advice would be to not let people convince you that your wedding should be anything other than a lovely day where you express your love in front of your friends and family. I would focus on expressing both of your personalities and making it a fun day about you guys. If you love books, use them as centerpieces! If you love flowers, string them up and use them as a backdrop. If you love word puzzles, have them at each table for your guests to do. If you love art, have your guests contribute to a huge canvas that you can put on your wall after the wedding. If you love pizza, serve pizza!

    Whatever it is, don't just use kitschy wedding stereotypes--I'm so sick of seeing the same 5 weddings repeated over and over again. Do something that's uniquely you so your guests go away remembering you guys not the exact same flowers and exact same BM dresses and the exact same food that's at almost every wedding. I'd rather go to a crazy Star Wars themed wedding than another red and white rose wedding with red vests on the men and the same gross white tiered cake with red roses.

    As for the baby, I've seen a pretty decorated pram pushed down the aisle by either a bridesmaid or a flower girl that has a funny variation of the "First comes love, then comes marriage" rhyme.
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    1,861 is a link with tips and tricks for the big day - I just love looking at their pictures too... They do mostly rustic style weddings, if that's what you're going for, so hopefully it might be useful. Good luck!

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