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    My wedding was small, 19 people, including us! We just did what we wanted, and didn't allow anyone to guilt us into a larger, more formal wedding that we didn't want. We were married in the morning, then had a delicious lunch. We hired a wedding officiant (no religious affiliation), got married and had the reception all in a restaurant. We didn't have a dance, we didn't cut a cake (we had cupcakes), we all sat together at a big table, no seating plan. It was a really great day! We were engaged in Nov 2008, and married 6 months later in May 2009. We live in Calgary, and got married in Ottawa, so I planned everything from a distance. Although, I didn't really have much planning to do, since it was such a small event.

    Beautiful pics everyone! Ottilie, I'm sure your wedding will be fantastic!

    @Maggiefromcanada, we got married at the Courtyard Restaurant, and took pictures in the atrium of the Bank of Canada bldg. I have a couple with Parliament in the background, but they weren't taken from as nice a vantage point as yours!

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    I LOVE everyone's weddings. I always have been a wedding day dreamer type of girl

    @Catloverd, I wish I could have convinced my fiance to do a Harry Potter theme, but that's definitely not his style haha.

    I'm getting married in July in Hawaii (its where I am from and where we live). We are having the ceremony on a lawn in front of the beach. The reception is is in a big tent on the lawn. We have lots of bright jewel tone colors and moroccan style lanterns as part of the centerpieces. Bridesmaids will be wearing purple dresses. My dress is a little puffy and flowy with layers. I hired a wedding planner, which was pricey, but soooo worth it. I am not the most organized person so things would have fallen apart by now if I didn't have her.

    Also, I have been debating whether or not I should hire a videographer. After seeing that some of you have regretted not having one, I think we will go for it. I probably won't remember all the details because of all the running around so I think it will be a good investment.

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    I finally got finished looking through everyone's pix so far. Thank you everyone for sharing your amazing weddings!

    Missusaytch - Gorgeous! Love your photo set, so sweet and happy! Love the fall theme

    Alzora - oooooh. I love the black and red - so classic and elegant

    Maggiefromcanada - That location is perfect! We ditched a lot of the same traditions you did and no one noticed!

    Dindlee - great set of engagement pictures! One thing that I wish we could have afforded was a pro photographer, these are so beautiful.

    Catloverd - So cute! I love your colors, everyone looks super happy

    Blade - your wedding looks amazing! So glamorous!

    Sarahmezz- Wow! These pics are breathtaking.The all-white is lovely,

    Nowakasia - That venue!!! whoa. I love fall weddings

    Cristinamariane - I love your woodsy theme! So romantic and enchanting

    J_cannoy- your dress is freaking awesome and I love that you both kept your spectacles on! (And those cute!)

    Raptreverie - gorgeous location! I really wanted to get married in a forest like that, but my grandparents couldn’t travel so Florida swamp had to suffice!

    Labmama - pretty! Love the B&W shot.

    Ottilie - we had a super-small wedding and we did it for under $3k USD. I highly, HIGHLY recommend, they have so many amazing tips and examples of nontraditional weddings. Also, the adorable little fairy is my baby sister, Charlotte. SO CUTE. We invited a few children, but she was the only one there other than my niece, Feather (the baby various people are holding in my pictures). On that note, when my sister got married her middle daughter was still a baby and she just carried her up to the altar with her and held her during the ceremony, because she started screaming her head off if anyone else held her that day. So that might be something to take into account if there will be a lot of new people around. At 5 months, though, it will probably be okay to perhaps have someone in your wedding party hold her so she can be part of the action/pictures!
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