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    hey there! I need some opinions. It is REALLY hard for my husband and I to find names we both really love. I tend to like more classic sounding names that have a layer back feel, while my husband likes more unusual names, but not so unusual that they sound 'weird'. Actually, he sometimes picks very up and coming borderline trendy names without realizing it, because to him they sound unusual! Anyways, getting back to the point, he has been suggesting the names Cyrus or Silus quite frequently. I think these names are wonderful! EXCEPT our last name, although starting with a C, has a double S sound, AND both of our names start with an S! So, I am wondering if you think it is just overkill to have a son with S sounds in his name.

    If no, which is your favorite? And what do you think for nicknames and middle names? Here is the rest of our list :

    Merrick Liam
    Callen Thomas
    Fischer (mn)
    Cruz (mn)
    Forrest (mn)

    Cora Annaliese
    Ivy Louisa
    Lily Sophie

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    Without knowing your last name I can't say for sure if Cyrus or Silus (although I will be honest. I much prefer Silas) would sound okay.

    Liam is my favorite of your boy names. Thomas is nice as a middle name.

    Your girl names are really pretty although not necessarily my style.

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    I LOVE Cyrus, but hard to say without knowing what your ln is. If it begins or ends with an -s sound, count out names ending with an -s sound as it will slur/ rhyme.

    Merrick Liam- Not a fan. Merrick doesn't sound nice, and Liam is a nn for William... I prefer William, nn Liam. It's a bit like naming a kid Bill to me...
    Callen Thomas- This one's ok, but not amazing. I'd prefer Callum, Colin, or Cavan.
    Kade- Not a fan. It makes me think of a caddy.
    McCoy- It's ok, but I'd make a lot of "Real McCoy" jokes.
    Fischer (mn)- Love this as a 1st name.
    Cruz (mn)- Too trendy.
    Forrest (mn)- I really like this one as a 1st name, too. It's highly masculine and underused.

    Cora Annaliese- Will slur to become Corannaliese. I love Cora, and I love Annaliese... but I don't like them together.
    Ivy Louisa - I love Ivy... Louisa is kinda blah, though.
    Lily Sophie- These are not nearly as great as the other options. Lily and Sophie have both been beaten to death.

    I actually like Forrest, Fischer, Cora, Annaliese, and Ivy.
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    I prefer Silas (this spelling, Silus just looks silly to me and like you're naming your child after a stylus).

    Merrick Liam -- Merrick is nice but I don't like Liam with it.
    Callen Thomas -- I don't care for Callen but the combo is nice.

    Cora Annaliese -- Lovely.
    Ivy Louisa -- Beautiful.
    Lily Sophie -- I'd prefer Lily Sophia to avoid the double "ee" sound ending.
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    I do like Silas. Cyrus is too Billy Ray for me. From your list, I like Forest, Callan, and Merrick.

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