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    Dr. Oz's beautifully named children

    I was recently reading an article about Dr. Oz, while waiting at the doctor's office. It mentioned his childrens' names, and I of course, couldn't help but notice not only what great names they are, but how ahead of the trend they are due to his children's ages. They have lovely Turkish middle names to honor Oz's heritage. Daphne Nur, 26- Arabella Sezen, 21- Zoe Yasemine, 17- Oliver Mustafa, 12. An ecclectic sibset that somehow manages to fit together well.

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    norseberry Guest
    Those are lovely names!

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    Daphne, Arabella, Zoe and Oliver are a lovely quartet! Well done, Dr. and Mrs. Oz!
    All the best,

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    Love these names! Arabella Sezen is my fave
    * Ezra Kingston * Jesse Brock *
    * Natalie Marisol * Virginia Greer * Clarissa Tess *

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    saraallison Guest
    I saw these recently too, and had the same thought! Gorgeous names.

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