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    Quote Originally Posted by cristinamariane View Post
    I actually dread this day! It means I lose countless hours pouring through the extended list, taking notes, making charts, updating old information etc. And yet I look forward to it so much!
    Oh gosh, me too! I keep print-outs of the top 1000 in the front of one of my binders, just for a quick reference in case I'm not at a computer and I like to keep notes about leaps in popularity and stuff - I never even thought about making them into charts! O_O Now I have a use for all those page protectors I have! (Yes, I collect office's weird and kind of useless).

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    I love being part of a community that gets excited over the release of a massive collection of data.

    I'm curious, but at the same time apprehensive to see what new atrocities are permeating the charts. Please, please, please let there be more than a few diamonds in the rough...

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    Quote Originally Posted by lo View Post
    I'm actually even more excited when the namenerds website releases their name data which combines spellings for names. That will be several more months though.
    Please tell me it's out before the end of July! I really want to double check all my name choices before my baby's here. :?
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    Quote Originally Posted by pixie_mommy_megs View Post
    Please tell me it's out before the end of July! I really want to double check all my name choices before my baby's here. :?
    I wish I had made a note of the date. It seemed like it took forever last year; way longer than the year before. But perhaps I was just more impatient last year =)
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    Well, you CAN go on the SS site and add up the raw numbers of different spellings to see how the total numbers of a name with lots of variations like say Evelyn, Aveline, Evaline etc compare with the raw numbers of the top 10. Go to this page -- -- click on national data, and download the complete list which will give you raw numbers of how many children were given each spelling of each name.

    We will try to do a blog asap after the announcement compiling different spellings! But yeah, huge job...
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