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    My mom was 42 when she accidentally got pregnant with me. (Let's not talk about the irony of the conversation in when she told me that condoms had expiration dates when I was 19 and I had to point out to her that I had not only told her that 6 months earlier but also wasn't planning on taking contraception advice from someone who opted for the "counting method" and failed at it). She is not the oldest women in my family to have given birth with a cousin having her fourth at 47.
    I have a friend whose mother was 27 when she had her and 40 when she had her little sister. Her mom wasn't ready to be a mom the first time around but was a completely different mother the second time around. However, my aunt was an awesome mother hen to all at 13 when her mother was forced to go back to work after her father got injured. I say this not because I firmly believe that every women has the capacity to be a great mom. Some feel they want the vitality of 20-something youth to help them out, others need to mellow out from their party days, some feel they can do with uncertain financial and emotional stability and yet others find emotional and financial stability an absolute must, etc. You shouldn't worry about everyone else and just worry about when you think it's right (or more right) for you.

    I really hate it when people say they want to be young mothers so they have the energy to run after their kids. If your in your mid 30s or 40s are you going to be running around with a walker? My mom (as stated above) was older and the energy she still has now is astounding - what she does in a week, the thought alone exhausts me. I expect it's similar to how younger mothers feel when others say they "waited" for emotional stability. So to each their own, right?!
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