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    I honestly think you should go with Grant. I personally am not a fan of same letter siblings but seeing as you already have two Gr names I think you should carry it on. Also is prefer Grant over Landon and as Grant is your first choice I think you should go with it.

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    I think Grant, on its own, is too close to Grace. If you had Griffin and Grazia, I might consider Grant more because it's a different sound. However, both Grant and Grace are 1-syllable, Gr-beginning, consonant-heavy, sharp names. They're a bit too close for me.
    A compromise could be to go with a G name that isn't a Gr name- Gabriel, Gallagher, Garrett, and Gavin are all nice options. If none of those appeal, I'd say stay away from Grant and just go with Landon.

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    alyssa897 Guest
    If you love Grant then go for it. Even though all three names start with Gr- they are pretty different. Landon is a nice choice, but it's spiked in popularity in the last couple of years, especially where I live.

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    Do you plan to have a fourth? If so, now is the time to break the pattern. If not, use Grant.

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    I like the theme myself. I don't really care for Landon.

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