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  • Josephine Joy

    40 29.20%
  • Susannah Joy

    54 39.42%
  • Anna Caroline

    43 31.39%
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    Josephine goes so nicely with your last name, in my opinion! And other nn options are Josie and Joey - how cute!

    I just had another idea - how about combining the two names you love: Anna Josephine, nn Anna-Jo?
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    Funny, my 8 month old is named Josephine Olivia and last name begins with Y, so her initials spell JOY. It was totally unintentional as both her first and MN honor people and we didn't select them until she was born. Happy accident! I'm totally smitten with her name!

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    OK, that's what I get for voting before reading the thread. Josephine and Susannah are two of my personal favorites so I was torn. I picked Susannah but if that's out, Josephine over Anna by a mile.
    Pam Satran

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    Pam, thank you for your reply.... I would love to know if you feel another S name is just too much?? My youngest (they are very close in age ) are Sophie-Claire, Sarah Katherine and Serena... so I am wondering if Susannah is just too much? She would not be the only non "s" sibling, my other girls are; Maggie, Kelsey-Rose, Emma and Mary-Elizabeth
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    I voted for Anna Caroline because that's more my style and I think it is simply stunning. Anna is so beautiful and classic and strong and I LOVE the Biblical connection. Anna is one of my favorite Biblical women. Josephine is a favorite on here that has yet to win my heart, but it is lovely and it does kind of seem to me like you like it more, so that may be the right choice.
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