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    Sister to November Iris?

    We named our first daughter November Iris. We call her Novi and love it! I'm having a hard time coming up with her new little sister's name. Any suggestions?

    Violet is our favorite right now, but I'm a little hesitant that it's going to become super popular soon. I also think having children named November and Violet may make us look like the biggest hippies ever

    Ramona was in the running until a friend recently named her daughter it.

    I'm also fond of the more classic name Elise.

    Last time my husband and I agonized over names until week 39. Hoping the process is easier this time! Would love any feedback!

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    November Iris is a cute name and I love the nn Novi

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    So I like the idea of a "hippy" flower name to go with November Iris. I think it would be cool for both girls to have a flower name though not necessarily in the same name slot. (Friends of mine did this and it's super cute their older daughter has it as a FN the younger as a MN).
    I however would choose something a bit less popular than Violet (which I too see soaring - probably influenced by the fact that I know two little Violets).
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    November and Wisteria or November and Petunia are my favorites.
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    I like the name Viola! Adding to the watch list... thank you!

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    Thank you for your encouragement @lexium! I should just embrace that my husband and I are really hippies at heart and go with it!

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