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    Questions about Hadley

    I absolutely adore the name Hadley, and am wondering what the perfect twin name for it would be. (All theoretical...I'm only 16) My automatic choice was to stick it with my other favorite H name, Haven. I think Hadley and Haven sounds good, but maybe too matchy? Let me know what you think of that. I also came up with:

    Clover and Hadley
    Ember and Hadley
    Ruby and Hadley
    Luna and Hadley
    Nylah and Hadley
    Summer and Hadley
    Blaire and Hadley
    Hadley and Brynn

    (For whatever reason, I have a compulsion to make twin names the same number of syllables, lol.)

    Let me know what you think! And I'd love some suggestions, even with varying number of syllables.

    Follow up: Second middle name for: Hadley Felicity__________


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    I am not a fan of matchy twin names, so I'm not a fan of Haven and Hadley.

    I think these work best:
    Ruby and Hadley
    Summer and Hadley
    Hadley and Brynn

    Hadley Felicity Claire

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    I really dislike matchy twins names, so Hadley and Haven definitely isn't for me. I think Clover and Summer go really well with it, perhaps as I see Hadley as quite masculine, and being word names Clover and Summer evoke a slightly more unisex feel than some of your other choices. I do like Blair for a girl, but if I met a twinset named Hadley and Blair I'd probably assume they were both male - though, I'm from the UK and here they probably would be male, whereas in the US that's unlikely. Ruby and Hadley are nice together, also.

    My suggestions:
    Hadley & Willow
    Hadley & Ivy
    Hadley & Piper (though, as the same issues as Blair for me)
    Hadley & Amelia
    Hadley & Lillian
    Hadley & Juno
    Hadley & Georgia
    Hadley & Poppy
    Hadley & Violet

    As for a second middle, have you considered Hadley _____ Felicity to break up the 'ee' endings? It could improve the flow a little. I think Hadley Summer Felicity or Hadley Clover Felicity could work well. Other suggestions:

    Hadley Emma Felicity
    Hadley Jane Felicity
    Hadley Willow Felicity
    Hadley Felicity Belle
    Hadley Felicity Wren
    Hadley Felicity Rose
    Hadley Felicity Ava
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    I love Hadley. It was almost my niece's name. I don't think another H name is necessary a bad thing but I would stick with a name that had the same feel that Hadley does.

    Hadley and Macy
    Hadley and Harper
    Hadley and Carson
    Hadley and Hayden
    Hadley and Lindsay
    Hadley and Blakely
    Hadley and Blaire
    Hadley and Hannah

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