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    Cool Middle names for 'Jorja' (Georgia)

    I have recently joined here, as names are a topic where my partner who is usually happy to say "whatever you want baby" has very strong opinions!

    Although not married and no children yet, for girls we have agreed on Hannah Frances for a girl (Hannah being his favourite name, Frances being a family name) and Jorja (his choice of spelling, which has taken me a long time to warm to).

    I can't find a middle name that I like with Jorja.

    Suggestions? I like a broad range of names, however he seems more 'classic' with his name choices (ie. he wouldn't let me dream of putting Imogen on a potential list, as he said it sounds like a stripper name!)

    Surname starts with a B and ends with an -in sound.

    Suggestions appreciated!
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    I'm not great at middle name combos, but wanted to let you know that I really love Hannah Frances (Frances is a family name for us as well...what a fantastic name). I also want to add that I would encourage you not to warm up to the spelling Jorja. It changes the name entirely and looks really bad. Sticking with the classic spelling is worth the fight (I know you didn't ask about this, but I couldn't help myself...sorry).

    Best of luck!

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    No need to apologize! I wasn't sold on the name, but then when I was travelling I met a girl named Jorja, and I have sort of warmed to it. That said, it is our second girls name, and if we have a boy it won't be used, as we only want 2 kids (and even thought some days I say I want 2 girls, a girl and a boy would be nice!). I will keep in mind to fight him on it

    And thanks for the compliment on Hannah Frances. Frances is a middle name that goes back 4 generations in my family, and even though as a youngster I said I'd never pass it on, I really love it with Hannah and have been happy with it for over 3 years now, so I think it has definitely stuck!

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    I'd Say Jorja Mae but there is Georgia May Jagger... a model with very interesting two front teeth.

    Jorja Pearl and Jorja Grace (Hannah means grace, so it kind of ties them together that way) are cute, but they don't seem to fit well with Hannah. Actually I don't think Jorja fits well next to Hannah at all. Hannah is very classic and sweet, and Jorja is sweet yet spunky. Since Frances has a vintage, older feel to it, I'd suggest pairing Jorja with something that gives off the same feel as Francis, such as Madeline or something like that. Or even use another family name! I also think Georgia looks better next to Hannah.


    Jorja Madeline
    Jorja Grace
    Jorja Emma
    Jorja Lou
    Jorja Irene
    Jorja Tess
    Jorja Bree/Brianne
    Jorja Bellarose
    Jorja Rose
    Jorja Claire
    Jorja Summer
    Jorja Eve
    Jorja Belle
    Jorja Skye

    But what I'd really recommend, if you're dead set on Hannah Frances, is to find a first name to compliment Hannah (i.e. Leah) and pair it with Jorja or even Georgia (as it fits better with Frances) instead.

    Some of my suggestions:

    Milena Georgia
    Camilla Georgia
    Heather Georgia
    Kimberly Georgia
    Amber Georgia
    Brianna Georgia
    Autumn Georgia
    Claire Georgia
    Willow Georgia
    Pearl Georgia
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