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  • Vivian

    15 46.88%
  • Genevieve

    17 53.13%
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    Middle names to go with Ursa

    Right now I'm probably trying to choose between Ursa Vivian and Ursa Genevieve because those were my Dad's and Grandfather's mother's names, respectively. I'm open to other suggestions as well.

    To get a taste for the types of names I like, my two year old's name is Zaya Malina. The name I have picked out for a boy is Orsen (or Orson) Charles Wekeli Lance.

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    I like Ursa Vivian. It's pretty much the coolest name I've seen in a while.

    For what it's worth, I think Ursa Vivian Eve sounds nice, too. (Eve would honor Genevieve)

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    I think Ursa Genevieve is a bit softer, although I do think Ursa Vivian is very lovely too.
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    I voted for Ursa Vivian because it seemed more similar in length to your older daughter's name. But either name is nice and works well so you really can't go too wrong here.

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    I have an Ursa Luna

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