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    Real local hospital birth announcements

    When I was prego with my first son, I looked at my local hospital's website often to see what people were naming their babies at that time, in my area. I wanted to make sure there weren't 20 other little boys with the same name born at the same time as him. That was in 2003 and all of the local hospitals listed first names of new arrivals. These days, with new/more strict privacy laws, I can't find any that still list names. Do any of you know of hospitals in the US that still list first names of new babies? For people like me who are nosy and actually want to know what people are really naming their children right now.
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    Some newspapers still have a list of birth announcements.

    Local midwives (where I live) have a facebook page with birth announcements.

    I just went through it and was pleasantly surprised at the variety of names people chose. There were some names that were more common (Gabrielle, Lily, Jaxon, Aiden-type names, Liam, Brielle, Avery, Madison and etc). There were some interesting choices though that I loved (Wolfgang, Leif, Damien, Elizabeth). I was glad to see that none of my top contender names were used more than once, if at all.
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    Our hospital you have to sign a release form and they post FN, MN, stats and a photo. (you can choose all, some or none of these things) I was curious and took a peak... there were twin boys named Ryder and Ryker! oh, boy!!!!
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