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  • Yonder

    5 10.64%
  • Driver

    5 10.64%
  • Given

    8 17.02%
  • Tailor

    8 17.02%
  • Venture

    21 44.68%
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    Quote Originally Posted by babyprodigy View Post
    My daughter's name is Anthem!
    You have a beautifully named daughter! I love Anthem, and really admire you for using it....
    There are a lot of replies already, so I don't have much to add. I love a lot of the ones that have been said. One I've been liking lately, though, is Benign. Also, (excuse me if these have been suggested already)
    Charm, maybe more of a MN, and
    debating which is better Truth/True/Truly Truth/True/Truly

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