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    Aspen as a boy name??

    What do you think of Aspen for a little boy?

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    There was a post about this a while back.

    I can see it, but it's too much of a girl's name, even for me, and I tend to like this sort of thing. (ie, Kelly, Avery, Jade...)
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    I know a little boy named Aspen. His sister is Sterling. Not my style. I'd be a little worried about possible nicknames for Aspen...

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    I prefer it on a boy. I'm from England and from my experience it's really uncommon here I've never heard of anyone called Aspen. But I think of it as as much as a boy's name as a girl's if if not more so

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    I'm really considering this right now for a girl (nn. Penny), but I love it for a boy, too (nn. Penn possibly). IMO, most nature names in general tend to work well for either gender.
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