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    Evie Snow, too much?

    Sorry to be posting for the millionth time. I'm not even 6 weeks pg, I'm sure by the time I have this baby y'all will be throwing things at me in frustration. Since my top 4 aren't thrilling me, I'm trying to think a little further outside the box. So, my due date is Christmas Eve. What do you think of Evie Snow LastnametwosyllablesstartswithR? Other choices would be Evie Rose and Evie Mae. My two daughters are Ruby & Lucy. I know that Evie is a little nicknamey in comparison but Ruby, Lucy, and Evie seems pretty cute. Is Evie Snow TOO Christmasy? I was suprised to see that Evie is super popular in the UK (top 10 territory) and it's only been back in the top 1000 in the US since 2007. I have considered Eve, but I want 2-syllables, it's a family tradition on my mom's side. I have also considered Eva, but my daughter Ruby was named after my Grandma and her sister's name is Eva, so it starts to seem a little weird. So, it would be Evie not Eve or Eva. I think Evie could work pretty easily on a grown-woman, so I'm not worried about it being nicknamey.

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