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    I had another idea -- Barrett, which I guess could work for either gender, but I like it best for a boy.
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    I would use Barbara. I think it's a clunky-cool underused classic type. 10 yrs ago Eleanor would've gotten the same baffled looks that a baby Barbara would get today.

    Bardo would work on the coattails of names like Monroe. It's probably the most modern take on it.

    Barbro or Varvara could be interesting "exotic" options of a name that means foreign woman.

    Barrett is a great suggestion.

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    Maybe just Bari?

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    I think Barbara is a hard name to use these days, and she is a very important loved one to us.

    The suggestion of birthstone is a good one. Garnet could be middle name material, I guess (although a serious guilty pleasure name of mine is Amethyst!)

    What kinds of fn's would you put with Garnet? I's assume something very feminine...

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    Quote Originally Posted by karacavazos View Post
    I'd just use the -ara part. Arabelle would be my choice.
    I like the suggestion of Arabelle/Arabella.

    I wouldn't use any other variations or similar names though. Instead I would go for a name that has meaning like your suggestion of Garnet.

    What about Arabella Garnet? Annabelle Garnet?

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