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    Do The Top 100 Charts Influence Your Name Choices/Favourites?

    I've always been curious about this, but, personally, popular girls names that are basically everywhere (used to the point of being boring, I've lost count of how many Emma's, Emily's, Olivia's etc, that I've met), however, for boys, I'm less picky. How about you?
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    I'm the same way. Popularity bugs me for girls, but not so much for boys. We even named our son Aidyn and that's the #1 boys' name in the country right now (when you combine spellings). For instance, I think the name Jocelyn is absolutely beautiful, but I won't use it because I found out it's currently #70 on the SSA charts and in the 40's on the combined spellings list with 50-something different spellings and multiple pronunciations. I'm also still considering using the name Asher for a boy which is currently between #113-122 (depending on which chart you look at) and still climbing because I love everything about the name except for its popularity. I totally get why people want to use it, though. It's a great name.

    I don't know why popularity of girls' names bugs me more than boys' names. I think it may be because I grew up with a top 10 name of the 80's and hated wondering if people were talking to me or someone else. It also just seems to be more accepted for boys to conform while girls tend to be ok with being different.
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    When I was younger I ran all names past the 'Not Higher Than 750 on the Popularity Charts Committee'.

    Now, if I like a name then I like it. It could be number one which may be slotted in the middle because I know children with the name. Or it could be the featured name in a combo. It all depends on arbitrary factors.

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    flick Guest
    It does for me, but not excessively. It's more important to me that a name be "consistent" than leap 600 spots in one year. I am ok with a name that's below the top 100 as long as it's been in roughly the same area for the past few years. A little bit of a climb is ok, but if it's making leaps and bounds, than I would prefer to avoid it.

    Take Phoebe VS Vivienne for example. Phoebe has been on the top 1000 for a while now and in the past 3 or 4 years, it's been right in the same area, and I feel comfortable that it's not going to make a running leap for the top 50 any time soon. I LOVE Vivienne, too, but it came out of no where to jump right to number 531 and has leapt up 100+ spots every year since. THAT bothers me way more than Phoebe, which has been in the top 300 since 2006.

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    I think it SEEMS different for boys and girls b/c more of the popular names for boys are classics. Aiden bothers me just as much as Ava, but William and Catherine are equally acceptable to me.

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