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    How Much Does Popularity Matter?

    My kids are Carson, Parker, Lena, and Rylan. This baby boy is due in 5 weeks but I've yet to make it past I feel crunched for time as I have posted numerous times. A name the kids, my husband, and I seem to agree on is Noah. We have Noah Maddox thus far. Any other thoughts? I love Liam as well, but I worry of the popularities of names a bit much I think. I am Courtney and there were several of us in my classes growing up and I hated it. Just toss around thoughts please. Any other random suggestions are most certainly welcome

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    I'm one of those oddballs who really doesn't put much stock into the popularity of names. To me, there's a reason they're popular usually because their classic or just nice names. That said, I'd try to go for popular classic names rather than popular trendy names. Noah sounds like a great choice!
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    I am avoiding the -aiden names although Caden was once a name I loved! I just wanted to try to get the children's names to go well at least

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    Popularity has never mattered to me. If I love a name I have multiple reasons as to why I love it. All names on my list have multiple connections to myself (and boyfriend) including family names, heritage, literature, history, and well sheer geekery. Because I feel connected to a very limited amount of names, my list is usually very stable; minus when I get whisked away by a name (those never truly last though). I think name popularity should just be an added bonus rather than the main reason for choosing a name. I think it's odd when someone says "I love this name, but it's too popular so I can't use it" and then check SSA standings and it's like #476.

    In short: I think the story behind why you choose the name carries more weight than it's current popularity.

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    Popularity really doesn't matter all that much to me. I'm an Ashley, and I've known about 7 my age. So I didn't have a unique name at all, but that never bothered me. Actually when I was little I was VERY excited to find out my name was the #2 name. I know some don't like having a common name, but really it's not that bad for everyone. I think if you really love a name, popularity shouldn't change your choice. A good name is a good name, no matter how many people also think so. Just go with what you like. Noah sounds like a great name, and it fits well with your other kids' names. (Liam is also good)

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