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    Why would someone hack a random person's account on a baby name website, and then post about baby names? Why wouldn't they just make their own account? Why do they need yours?

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    I had given this to one of my friends because she said she was doing a project and needed opinions on names. I can tell you right now that her last name is not whatever she put and she deffinitely is not pregnant.. I didn't realize that she had been lying on it. But I can tell you the rest of my friends are definitely pregnant.

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    Quote Originally Posted by laura1345 View Post
    If you knew anything about where I come from, it wouldn't shock you. Within the last year, I've had Megan get pregnant and pass away, Toni get pregnant and hasn't come back to school and Tiffany getting pregnant now. I seriously think you may be the rudest person for saying that I would lie about my friends.
    Ok, I'm sorry. I do sincerely apologise, and I'm very sorry for your loss.

    edit: And I am very sorry for the rudeness, honestly. I think we've all become very sensitive to any stories that seem a tad out of the ordinary, so many fake stories here.
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    So why wouldn't you say that in the first place? Instead of saying you have no idea who posted that?

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    I know fake stories are irritating. I agree, that was why I was becoming so defensive.

    That is my beautiful friend Megan, who did pass away after giving birth to a wonderful little boy.

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