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    Best Friend Just Found Out She's Pregnant! HELP! Teenager in high schooool

    My best friend has been having symptoms of pregnancy for the past two months and even missed her period. We got her some pregnancy tests which have all come out positive. She is only a teenager in high school, and she isn't sure whose support she'll end up having, however she has a group of three friends who really care about her and are willing to help her out. But, for naming the baby we wanted to get a few more opinions. Post favorite baby names, boys and girls, so that we can help Tiffany in her search for the perfect baby name!

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    It's good she has a berry to help her! Well it would be easier if you could list a specific style?
    Right Now I would name them...
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    ∆ Casper Aloysius • Reverie Antonia ∆

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    The thing is, we have no real 'styles' to go by. We just wanted to hear other people's favorite names! Any style is fine to mention!

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    Ok. Want to give you the benefit of the doubt, but if I just found out I was pregnant in high school, my last concern would be baby names. From what you've written, it seems she hasn't gotten medical attention. That would be step one.

    My issue is that in November of 2011 you and someone else, you said "we" we're having your first child. So a year and a half ago you were having a baby but now you're best friends with someone in HS. I mean again, giving you the benefit of the doubt, but it doesn't add up.!

    Later on that year your friend gave birth to a baby boy. Again, that is a lot of high school pregnancy. As a high school teacher if I had that many students getting pregnant, I would have to report it to someone.

    Berries love to talk about names. You don't have to make anything up.

    If however this is true, your friend needs to talk to her parents ASAP and she needs to see a doctor.
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    I'm honestly not sure who the first one was in November. Someone may have gotten my information, I don't know. But I am in high school and have not had any children, thank you very much. So, that was not me.. However, yes the friend in high school giving birth to Jude did give birth to him. She passed away this year in a tragic car accident. As for the Grande family or whatever, I was not aware that anything had been posted.

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