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    Can Dated Names Come Back?

    I currently love these 'dated' names, ie; names that were, at one time, on the UK Top 100 names, but no longer are. Do you see any of them making a comeback? I've put the name with it's UK Top 1000 of 2011 ranking.

    Tia - 95th* (no longer on top 100 though)
    Aimee - 104th
    Victoria - 107th
    Mollie - 113th
    Eloise - 116th
    Laila - 124th
    Laura - 134th
    Courtney - 161st
    Katherine - 169th
    Tegan - 196th
    Natalie - 218th
    Natasha - 230th
    Kelsey - 254th
    Ellen - 258th
    Kayleigh - 264th
    Danielle - 266th
    Kate - 267th
    Louise - 288th
    Nicola - 289th
    Morgan - 294th
    Stephanie - 301st
    Chelsea - 336th
    Ashleigh - 342nd
    Kimberley - 447th
    Gemma - 480th
    Kirsty - 562nd
    Kelly - 652nd
    Rachael - 692nd
    Rhiannon - 692nd
    Heather - 702nd
    Claire - 817th

    Are there any on this list that you hope will make a comeback, or should any of them be permanently retired, to you?
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    There are some fine names here--and Tia is my nickname tee-hee!

    Tia - biased, but there's also the very similar Thea
    Aimee - love this
    Victoria - isn't this a classic? I'm loving Vittoria these days
    Mollie - cute
    Eloise - cute
    Katherine - classic
    Natalie - I prefer Natalia, but Natalie is nice
    Danielle - Nice
    Nicola - Fresher than Nicole
    Stephanie - My mom's name so I'm biased haha I really do like it though
    Rhiannon - This is a cool name
    Gemma - Really like this one. Nice alternative to Emma


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    Interesting list, haleylannahxo!

    Tia - cute, but Mia is the new Tia
    Aimee - this will come back when little Aimee's are being named after their grandmas
    Victoria - classic, will come back
    Mollie - on trend, I'm surprised it's not more popular
    Eloise - on trend, but might fade if people get bored of El- names
    Laila - on trend, but might fade if people get bored of L-loaded names
    Laura - classic, but I don't see a revival any time soon
    Courtney - pretty well rooted in the 80s and 90s, maybe when those girls are grandmas
    Katherine - classic, Duchess Kate has brought extra attention outside the UK
    Tegan - not a fan of this one, I hope it doesn't revive
    Natalie - cute, fairly popular now as Natalia and around Christmas
    Natasha - I don't see this becoming popular any time soon
    Kelsey - cutesy, people like that sort of name
    Ellen - most people show preference for Elena, but Ellen may regain attention in the backlash of overly frilly names
    Kayleigh - will revive in different spellings
    Danielle - might or might not make a comeback
    Kate - the new Marie or Rose for middle name spot
    Louise - getting some attention, but I'm not sure it will ever reclaim its former glory
    Nicola - I see the potential...
    Morgan - another possibility when there is backlash against frilly names
    Stephanie - when Stephanies are grandmas
    Chelsea - maybe, but I prefer not
    Ashleigh - maybe when her granddaughter is named after her
    Kimberley - I hope this goes back to the boys
    Gemma - making waves over the pond
    Kirsty - probably not
    Kelly - the boys will reclaim this one
    Rachael - maybe, but probably not
    Rhiannon - I don't expect to see this one again
    Heather - I'd like to see this one revive
    Claire - this one moved to the middle

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    I think pretty much any name could make a come back, it's really just a matter of time. I think the majority of these names will eventually come back, if not already making one (Hello, Eloise!)

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    I am sure some of them will. My mother and aunt think that some of the names I see as classic beauties are so old fashioned. I wouldn't be surprised if one day I have a daughter or granddaughter who thinks Whitney or Heather is a unique, vintage name while I'll think its dated.

    From your list I like Katherine, Natalie, and Gemma.

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