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    Name of a Winged Elf

    One of my new characters is a winged elf, and I've got no clue on any name ideas. She's a warrior with a slight arrogance problem, and prefers to fight with a bow or rapier. She has pale white skin, black wings (sixteen foot wingspan), and stands about five feet eleven inches tall. Her features are angular, with large deep green eyes. Her black hair is usually worn unbound. This elf grew up in high-mountain forests, and found delight in dancing in streambeds. Unfortunately, that's all she's told me about herself. Since she hasn't deigned to inform me of her name, any suggestions will be helpful in steering me in the right track (or so horrendously off track she can't stand me not knowing). I know it won't be any 'normal' or conventional names, but that's about it.

    Thank you for all of your help!

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