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    I agree with the "Everett James" swap. I am superstitious in a way, I don't want my child to have a name with a negative association, even if it's not widely known. I LOVE love LOVE the name "Rielle" and it's a portmanteau of my two besties, Rena & Michelle. But I can't use it bc of the Rielle Hunter association. If one person notices, that's too many in my opinion.
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    It is a very nice name and I think it's a name that will lose it's connection to the Ricen thing...what matters is will you always think of that & remember that? Unless this guys trial is ridiculously entertaining I doubt he will still be part of pop culture.

    The fact is that a lot of lovely names & combos are shared by bad people. Just keep away from the major ones or ones that have affected you personally.

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    I'd still use it. I mean I'm sure other people have names of um not so great people. Especially if it's his middle name I don't see a big deal. However, if YOU don't feel comfortable then don't do it.
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