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    Theodore nn Teddy: does it work at all in my sibset?

    DH loves Teddy. I'd like to use Theodore as the full-name because I love it, and it's actually much more my style than the names of our other children that we compromised on. Our kids are Logan, Ruby, and Michael (although he goes exclusively by Mick).

    Logan, Ruby, Michael, and Theodore
    Logan, Ruby, Mick, and Teddy

    I feel like Logan's name is so disparate from the sibling's names if we decide to go with Theodore/Teddy. What do you think?

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    I see your family in twos: Logan and Ruby are the spunky pair and Michael and Theodore are the classic pair. . I would go with the full name of Theodore to give your son the option of reverting back to the longer name when he outgrows Teddy.
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    Love, love, love Teddy as a nn and Theodore would go well as the full name!

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    I think it sounds great with your sibset. I love the name Theodore and the nn Teddy. Perfect choice!

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    I think it works and Teddy is adorable!
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