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    Alyssa, I forgot to add my Daenerys pic's! She was supposed to be in there as well. Oh, well, thank you!

    Maple, oooooh Quenilda! I love nook, I have read about it, it will go onto the list. Thanks for the reminder!

    Ren, haha, guinea pig named Blodwen. I love guinea pigs, they're hilarious... It's a fab name though, right?

    Thanks again!
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    What a neat list, thanks for sharing!
    I especially like:
    Rowena (love it)

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    Alaida - pretty
    Angharad - perfect for your description
    Arianrod - I prefer Ariadne
    Athene - I prefer Althea
    Branwen - not one I really like but it definitely has the feel you're looking for
    Ferelith - I like the sound of this one but not the spelling (bit too ferretty)--Faralith?
    Luned - just heard this one the other day and I think it's lovely
    Guinevere - love
    Gwenllian - never heard of this but it's beautiful
    Melisande - gorgeous
    Olwen - reminds me of Lorual--I swear I've heard this before but I can't remember where
    Rowena - I've always liked this one
    Saraide - gorgeous!
    Verseria - I've never heard of this one but I love it!

    I just heard a name in the Lilac Fairy book (I'm listening to it, so I don't know how it's spelled) but it sounded like Rosenik/Rosinek--the name of a farmer's daughter. I thought it was pretty awesome. Not sure if you've read these color Fairy Books by Lang, but they have a wealth of amazing names similar to what you've listed above.
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    Kala_way, those books are great! I am slowly collecting them all

    Ottilie, I have a stack of my Russian and German folklore textbooks/materials from college that you've inspired me to dive into again. <3
    Mama to my dear little bear <3

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    I just love these kinds of names! Medieval stuff is so cool; I've always wanted to go to a Renaissance Fair!

    I can't even begin to comment on this list of names; they're all so helpful and cool in their own ways. I do think my favorites so far are:
    Gwenllian (though I'd prefer it Gwynlian)

    My only comment on your list:
    Aillean - Is cool, in theory, but sounds like Alien

    One I could add? Hm, I always felt that Tamar, Tanis, Taneth, and Tamsin could fit into that category. Could Philomena, Fiametta, Winnifreya, Wildebriar, Aurelia, or Bernadette work too? I think so!

    Love these kinds of names! Will bookmark this thread just in case I need some Medieval names or inspiration.

    ALSO I think we need a quiz in the Name Games with a Medieval plot and with some of these names as options!!!!
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