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    last name for main character

    I have had an idea for a novel in my head for awhile now. I told myself I am going to give myself time to start getting it on paper instead of ideas floating in my head.

    I need help from you wonderful Berries. I am trying to choose a last name for my main character. Sophie Clementine is her first and middle names. Some ideas for a last I have are Waverly, Beckham, Garrison, and Burgess. I am welcome to any other suggestions.
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    Burgess. Sophie Burgess is awesome.
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    I like Beckham and Garrison the best. Plus, if it's a children's novel you don't want to sound cheesy with Waverly from Wizards of Waverly Place.

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    Thank you, celianne and ninas1! I think I am going to go with Burgess for Sophie. I will be bringing in a male character in the future that I think I will be using Beckham for his last name. My plans are to have Sophie and him eventually fall in love and eventually marry. I am thinking either Galen Beckham or Graydon/Graden Beckham "Gray".
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    I'd go Garrison or Burgess personally. I don't know what you think about associations but Beckham makes me think David. I didn't get the Wizards of Waverly place reference actually. I'm more against Waverly because it sounds really light and Sophie Clementine rings a more serious tone to me. I'm also terrible at last names, but I snagged a couple of neat ones from my graduating class that might work:

    Sophie Clementine Becker- similar to Beckham but without as strong and association.
    Sophie Clementine Carroll
    Sophie Clementine Cole
    Sophie Clementine Lennox
    Sophie Clementine Kerr
    Sophie Clementine Taylor

    There's always: Jackson, Jones, Johnson, and Smith. People might call these lazy but if the fits the best I say just use it.
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