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    One of my neighbors gave me her old prefolds, so I did not have to do the preparing step. I am not sure what brand they are, but they are unbleached cotton. And sorry, I don't know what size they are, either. I know that she kept the newborn size ones, and that these are the ones that she used once her girls grew out of the newborn size. They still fit fine on my enormous one an a half year old. I know that they come in different sizes, but you can fold larger ones in clever ways so that you can use bigger ones on smaller babies.

    I would think that the different sizes would matter more if you were folding and pinning them around the baby. If you're folding them in thirds, then it probably doesn't matter as much.

    I tried to look up online to see if what I have are Chinese or Indian prefolds, but honestly I can't tell based on the photos or descriptions. I would just go w. what you have now. It probably doesn't matter that much, once you start using them. If you have a problem w. them once you start using them, you can always try the other kind.

    But yes, I have heard that you have to wash them multiple times before using them. Since yours aren't dirty yet, I see no reason that you couldn't just wash them w. towels or whatever, so that you don't have to do six dedicated diaper prepping loads.

    Prefolds really aren't leaky at all. They soak up an enormous amount of liquid. You can try them out ahead of time, just put one in a bowl w. water and see how much is soaked up. If they aren't doing a good job soaking, try washing them on hot w. Dawn dishsoap. That can help if you are having repelling issues.

    Yes, I just fold them in thirds, lay the prefold inside the diaper cover, and then lay the baby on top of the prefold/diaper cover, and then snap the cover on. The prefold will be a strip down the center of the diaper cover, does that make sense? The bare diaper cover will be touching the babies hips. It doesn't seem to bother him, though.

    You can also fold the prefold around the baby, secure it w. a snappi, and then snap the cover on over that. Some people prefer this method for younger babies, for when they tend to have more liquid poop. There are many many videos on YouTube that you can watch to learn different methods of prefold wrapping. We were using the FBs until a year, so we never used prefolds during that stage. I would go ahead and get a snappi to have on hand, and then try it different ways and see what works best for you. The main thing is that you want to make sure that the entire prefold is tucked under the cover. The prefold fabric will wick the moisture up, so if any is sticking out, it will leak. That's why I like the Thirsties so much, b.c they have gussets around the legs.

    We ended up w. 8 covers, 6 of which are Thirsties. This is more than enough, since you can generally reuse the cover (I rotate through two covers most days.)

    Oh, and we do have a diaper sprayer, and I love it. We have a low-flow toilet, so the old dunk and flush method really doesn't work for us. One of my friends uses a spatula and sort of scrapes it off... Sorry, so gross. The sprayer is particularly nice for spraying off the more liquid poop. When they start solids, you can just shake it off into the toilet.

    Hope it helps!

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