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    Replacement for Jasey

    Hello all!

    My fiance will NOT stop suggesting Jasey for a future daughter. A fine name in theory, but our last name is, well, Lacey. His argument is that the name could be Jasey Mae/Jasey Lee/Jasey Skye, etc. and she could go by her first and middle and that would SOMEHOW make it not rhyme .... I'm not buying it.

    Instead of continuing to say no, I would like to suggest alternatives that he might like that DON'T rhyme or sound ridiculous with the last name. I was wondering if you all could help me out?

    Thank you!

    EDIT: Deleted the comment insulting my fiance's intelligence. If anyone else thinks that's acceptable, kindly leave this post.
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    I'm with you on this one. Anything ending in the "ee" sound isn't ideal. Jasey Lacey is cartoonish. Also, Lee isn't the best mn with your surname. Mae and Skye are much better. Here are some suggestions.

    Jacqueline Mae
    Jasmine Skye
    Jessamine Skye
    Jillian Mae
    Jocelyn Mae
    Johanna Skye
    Jonquil Mae
    Josephine Mae
    Jordan Skye
    All the best,

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    Oh please don't name her that! *shudders*

    I think Josephine would be a great choice. You could use the Josie nn while she's younger which would hopefully satisfy him.
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    I think Jessa Lacey sounds fine- not rhymey. I think Jessa is great! Gemma/ Jemma could work, too.
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