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    Your favourite Elizabeth nickname?

    We've got potential nicknames sorted for all our girls' list except one - Elizabeth. Problem is, there's too many to choose from. I'm leaning towards Libby, he likes Beth - aargh! What's your pick or picks of the bunch? Maybe there's one we haven't found yet.

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    Favorites for future baby:
    Thomas Cyprian and Lucy Rebecca

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    renrose Guest
    Lizzy or Beth are my favourites.

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    I have always loved Lizzy.
    Fav. Girls Names: Rosalie, Amalia, Isa-Lea, Marisa Janey, Sophia Florence, Adriana Louise

    Fav. Boys Names: Tristan, Theo, Quentin, Jannik, Colin, James, Bennett, Benedict

    Fav. combinations: Rosalie Delia, Amalia Lucia and Jerry Benedict, Theodore James

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    Libby, Lizzy, Liz, Elle, and Beth

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