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    Indigo May is my favorite of these

    I am in the US so Indigo feels more usable than Indiana, though I guess people do go for place names. I think the "Indian" in Indianna is odd.

    Indigo feels like rich, deep, inky color and also rugged like Denim, casual & fun. I prefer it quite a bit.

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    I think Indigo May/Mae might sound a lot like Indigo is being used as an adjective....

    Our preference for a mn is now Charlotte more than the others....

    Argggh! Unbelievably hard!

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    I dont really like the sound of Indianna, sorry
    Teenberry who is obsessed with names - probably a minority on nameberry who likes popular names

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    Pantsaloo. I have a little one in Australia too...I know two Indigos who are less than 2. I also know 3 girls who are 10+ with that name. And that's from people I know well... I don't think its out there at all here. I only know of one Indiana...I actually hadnt heard it before so, to me, in Australia this name would be more out there than Indigo. Indigo Charlotte is a winner!

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    I agree Indiana looks misspelled and will get and Indiana Jones comment every day... Indigo is a really cool name.. But a little out there... What about Charlotte Indigo?

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