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    Question Indigo or Indianna?....

    Hello all,

    So, we're now around 3 weeks until our due date and have come unstuck with a name for our daughter! :sad:

    For as long as my husband and I can remember we've liked Indigo however in these last few days we've begun to think it over a little more seriously!

    We like Indigo because it is so unique and also pretty but we're worried that it's too "out there"! We think that we're not too worried about the funny looks we may get (well, we don't think we are right now!) but we are concerned that perhaps she may be teased or not feel comfortable with the name (we live in Australia and keep thinking about her being called Indingo or something stupid!)

    We adore the nn Indi/Indie so that's led us onto Indianna. Perhaps a little more common (but still relatively scarce). Very pretty and has the options of being Anna or Indi/Indie if she likes.

    The name combinations we like are (in order of our mn preference):

    Indigo Charlotte
    Indianna Charlotte

    Indigo Ava
    Indianna Ava

    Indigo Mae/May
    Indianna Mae/May there any thoughts from the nameberry community??!!

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    I love Indigo!!! It's very beautiful. If your worried about it being too "out there" (I don't think it is by the way) then Charlotte would be a good middle name. The much more popular/common Charlotte would level out Indigo. I personally don't care for Indianna too much.
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    Indigo is sweet and you could always use it as a nickname for Indianna. I am not sure if I would have the guts to make that her formal name though.

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    I definitely prefer Indigo, it's a favourite of mine. Indigo May is a very beautiful combo!

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    Thanks you 3!

    So far so good for Indigo.

    Indianna for some reason sounds softer and more feminine to my ears. I think it's to do with "anna" being at the end. I worry that Indigo is too harsh a sounding name.

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