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    I love Indigo! Indigo Charlotte or Indigo Mae would be lovely. I don't like Indianna at all. Spelling it Indiana would be slightly better, but I have the image of Indiana Jones so I see it as a masculine name.

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    I really like Indigo I prefer it to Indianna... I wonder though if both will sound a bit dated in 10 years! My favourite way to get Indi which I adore I'd India followed by Indira! I also love Rosalind nn Indi... Lucinda could work too!

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    I love both Indigo and Indiana, especially with the middle name Charlotte. I think if you guys have always loved Indigo, then you should go with it! It is lovely and although it is unusual, i think it will be be very well received in Oz ( i used to live there and was always impressed with how well named everyone's kids were!). With colour names like Scarlett and the name India gaining popularity, i don't think Indigo will be seen as too out there. Its easy to get cold fet about a name at the last minute, but Indigo is beautiful. And i really do love Indigo Charlotte!
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    Indigo Charlotte is great. I know a 5 year old Indigo who goes by Indy, it works so well. Indianna is too...something. I just don't like it, can't tell you why. But I would totally use Indigo if my friend didn't beat me to it.

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    Go with you first instincts and stick with indigo! I think its lovely, indi is a gorgeous nickname too. I know a lot of people who really regret not being brave enough to name their child a more unusual name, if you've always loved it then go for it! And by giving her a more classical middle name then she can always choose to use that later in life.

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