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    Talking Describe the Fictional Character Game

    A game in which the objective is simple: one person posts a name - can be first, first and last, first and middle, all three, or more. The next poster will describe the character (appearance, personality, social class, character arc) and the (fictional) book, show, or movie they would be in (genre, title, other characters), and then they'll post a new name. The character/media description can be as vague or as detailed as you like.

    For instance:

    Poster 1: Mathilda Rose Tennessen

    Poster 2: A young woman in her twenties in Edwardian England, with blonde hair, gray eyes, and a laugh-lined face, who falls in love with a time-traveller from the late twenty-first century, Infinity "Fee" Mikas, in a historical sci-fi novel called "Mathilda, Fee and 2093".

    Aubrey Lucas

    And that's that. We might as well start from Aubrey Lucas!
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    Aubrey Lucas is the love interest in a young adult, coming-of-age novel about a young girl named Eliza "Liza" who wants to leave life in the country and find her own identity in the city. Aubrey is described as a tall, slim young man with just the faintest hint of muscle from helping lift bales of hay and other hard labor on his family's farm. He has golden brown hair, sharp green eyes, and a faint dusting of freckles across his cheeks and the tops of his shoulders. He's your typical southern gentleman, always polite and willing to help someone in need. He's ambivalent about Liza leaving for the city. He doesn't want to see her go, but he wants her to be happy.

    Scarlet Meredith

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    Scarlet Meredith is an English nurse during world war II. She has blonde hair and brown eyes. She is very smart and this leads to her becoming a spy and obtaining information to help the British. She falls in love with a German soldier, Hans Peter Gerig, who doesn't want to be in the war. When Scarlet is found to be a spy, Hans helps her get to safety, but is killed in the process. Eighth months later, Scarlet gives birth to a son named Peter.

    William Asher Gray
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    William Asher Gray was born in the early 1990s. Just out of college, he is an assistant to a lawyer in a law firm, hoping to follow the same career as his boss. Over time, William gains more and more seniority until the boss dies and leaves him the company. At this point William is married to Twila Thurman and has a daughter named Yardley and a son named Rhys. William makes the law firm on of the best in the company before he dies, leaving the business to his capable son Rhys.

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    Theophania Sacharissa Schlottington is the protaginast in a high fantasy adult novel. She is a gifted sorceress who is forced to defend her kingdom after an invading army of mythological creatures threaten's her people's existence. Meanwhile, she is torn between two lovers, Severus Lysander Moonbeam, a dark and handsome soldier from a wealthy family, and Soleil Narcissa Vega, a charming young girl from the forest. After Severus is killed in battle, Theophania flees to a nearby mountain range. In her abscence, her brother Caesar Remus takes over the kingdom. Theophania's kingdom is destroyed and she is ashamed. Her and Soleil go into hiding, their whereabouts unknown.

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