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    All those added Y's! Stop it already! No one will ever spell Ale'yah, Azariya, or Kamyiah correctly without asking, and those are three of the most recognizable names with added Y's.

    It's interesting to see Angela, Marlene and Stephanie in the 6-15-month-old age range. And Courtney on a boy. Cool!

    This is the third time I've seen Stryder, and each time it's been this spelling. If I may gripe about the added Y for another moment, why would you do this? Does the misspelling make it look more "like a name?" I have a soft spot for Strider since it's one of Aragorn's acquired names (Lord of the Rings ). I probably wouldn't use it up front, but it could make a cool middle. But for the love of literacy, spell it correctly!

    There are some lovely and handsome names on this list, too. I'm sorry to say they're a bit swamped by the strange misspellings, especially the girls'.
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