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    Possible names from Family names -lots of Qs

    I like using family names to inspire or derive other names from. I want each child to have their own first name, MN are OK for using exact names. DH's pick of Amelia Violet covers his side of the family, so I am working on another name (or two) that covers my side of the family....

    1. My grandma is Florence and I rather like the name Flora. (full name would be Flora Elaine) I have never added it to our list simply because DH told me up front he would call her Flo. He has a dominate personality, so I dont think he would be the only one calling her Flo. (He calls our son Zane-ard and even the old guys at church have started calling him Zanner now...) Would Flo be one of those cute NN that just grow with the baby and either she decides to use it later in life (at school) or drops it and it becomes just a family NN? Or would it just be horrible all around? I really go back and forth on this.

    2. Helen is Florence's MN, and Elaine happens to be my mom's MN (derived from Helen). Elin is the Welsh version of Helen, so I thought this might work as an option too. Opinions? (it is the name of a family friend's granddaughter (who we never see but hear about) and I hate the thought that might be seen as 'coping' but with family ties, I can deal with it.)
    Edit: I dont know how a person forgets to see if their possible kid's name works with their own, but I am not sure Elin and Liz/Elizabeth work in the same family. Thoughts?

    3. My Great-Grandma's name is Phoebe. I have been pretty adamant about each child having their own name, but since the name came from this kiddo's great great-grandma would I be a total hypocrite for going with it? I am not sure if I really am thrilled with the name, so if you know of any names connected or derived from this name, I would love to hear.

    4. I am still waiting to hear what Phoebe's MN is to see if that is possible.Will update it I find out any time soon.

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    Flo is not a good nickname. All I can think of is "Aunt Flo" and Flo from the Progressive commercials. Maybe if you explain to your husband the connection to the monthly cycle and that it would probably hurt your daughter's feelings, he could find a new nickname.
    I think Elin would be nice, and could also work with an Elizabeth. Also, maybe even Ellen.
    Phoebe is a nice name, but you could also go with a name that has the same meaning or a connection to the moon. (please vote!)

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    I like Flora but not the nn Flo. You could use it as a middle name to avoid the Flo.

    Phoebe is wonderful and will still be hers once she is using it. And Elin is cute too. How about:

    Helaine (though it rhymes with Zane, I thought I'd throw it out there.)

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    I had a long response written on my phone last night, then checked a name on a different page and came back and the darn page reloaded and I lost it. anyway...

    DH wont change, so Flora is out. I think I have excepted it now.

    I am NAF of Helena, but Elena is on our list. DH is just not thrilled with it.

    Someone suggested Eleanor on another thread. DH has not committed to liking it or not liking it. I did not realize it was related to Helen before, so that is a bonus... plus I do like it spelled Elinor (feels more modern) but is it an actual spelling or just an excepted mis-spelling?

    Phoebe is growing on me... though after looking up moon names I found Rhiannon, Luna, Helen, and Cynthia that I like but for various reasons, Phoebe might still work best.

    I am really liking Elin as well but I love NNs and Elinor and Phoebe lend themselves NN much easier. DH has not committed to liking or not liking this name too. I think he is rather stuck on his pick and I think he hopes if he does not agree on any other names we will default to Amelia. (He even went as far as to suggest my MN as the Amelia MN... Amelia Katherine... the suck up, lol)
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