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    Just wanted to add, since you said you love the name Jasper though you need a Hebrew name... "Sapir" (sah-PEER, it means saphire) is pretty close sounding to Jasper, and is a very Israeli name. Maybe you could use the Jasper you love, and have his Hebrew name as Sapir?

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    Joss sounds all boy to me, I'm surprised by the comments that people find it girly.
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    Love the nickname Joss! I've been considering it for Josiah (also Hebrew).

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    I really like Joss. It's a lot fresher than Joe/Joey.

    I had a friend named Joseph, who I called Osif, because he despised Joe.

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    My fave nn for Joseph is Jody. It's no more or less feminine than Joss so it's odd that you're OK with one but not the other. I like Joss also so either one is great to me

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