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    Impression of the nickname Joss?

    Our son will be named Joseph Arthur and that isnt changing, but Joseph isn't a name I would pick on my own and names are super important to me so it is definitely a compromise. So I am hoping for a nickname that I do love. I keep coming back to Joss, I wonder what your impression would be.

    I am also considering Jack (it is actually a nn for Joseph as well as John) but would maybe cause family to raise an eyebrow?Jack was my great grandfather though he was a John.

    If I had my choice of any name I would use Johnathan or Jasper (love this but needs a hebrew name )

    Someone suggested Jody but I just see it as feminine,don't you?

    Jagger -initials will be JAG but I am thinking Jagger is so not my style and maybe pushing it a lot
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    I like Joss, though I think it may get mistaken for Josh at times. I know of a Jonathan nn Joss but I think Joseph nn Joss works even better.

    Other possible nicknames for Joseph Arthur (some more contrived than others)

    Joar (sort of rhymes with Noah - first two letters of Joseph Arthur)

    And I see Jody as more unisex in that spelling. Jodie/Jodi is definitely girl, but I'm seeing Jody on men more and more. There was a British Paralympic cyclist Jody Cundy, and there's a British actor Jody Latham, both male. It's not unheard of on boys, and as a nickname I think it could work.
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    Joss is... okay for me. I know it has more masculine origins, and Joss Whedon is still popular, but I love Jocelyn nn Joss for a girl, so I can't really see it on a boy. I love @essjay's suggestion of Jet, though! And I adore your idea of Jack. Jack's so handsome, and if it honors a beloved family member, why not? I've never heard of Jack as a nn for Joseph, but if C.S. Lewis can get Jack, I don't know why a Joseph Arthur couldn't.

    Good luck!
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    I also think of Joss Whedon. As a big Buffy/Firefly fan, I say go for it.

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    I would call him Joseph. It is a fantastic classic. Joss just makes me think of Joss Stone. All girl to me.

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