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    Smile A brother for Hannah?

    [FONT=Georgia]I want girls. 2 little girls. But I know that because I want girls, chances are that I will have at least one boy.

    Problem is, I have zero boys names that I love. Wait, make that zero boys names that I love and my partner will allow me to use.

    We've decided on Hannah and Jorja for girls, but that said, if we have a boy and a girl, we'll only be using Hannah, as we only want 2 children.

    So, I need suggestions for boys names for a brother for Hannah.

    My partner likes classic names, my choices come from all over the place.

    I like Zac, Harrison (but don't think I'd have a Hannah and a Harry), Ezra, Riley...

    Surname starts with B and ends in an -in sound.[/FONT]

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