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    Hudson and Rowan?

    Currently in love with these names for a little boy! I can't picture Rowan on a girl, because I know an 8 year old little boy named Rowan, but what are your opinions on these names?
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    Other than Rowan Atkinson, the only Rowan I know in real life is a girl. So I couldn't be sure which gender would go with the name. Hudson, on the other hand, definitely sounds like a boy's name to me. (However, this name isn't my style.)

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    Rowan has always confused me. While I like it, it doesn't feel masculine or feminine to me and I guess I don't really picture it on anyone since I don't know any Rowans. So yeah, go for it. Rowan William is handsome. And I like Hudson but I don't love it. I'd probably go with Rowan.
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    I don't really like Hudson personally, but I love Rowan! I don't like them together as they just say "too much nature" to me. I do like Rowan better on a boy, but I think it's one of those honestly unisex sort of names. It works great on either with nicknames for either. It's very handsome for you ^_^ -- My Amazon Author Page

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    Rowan! I love Rowan for a boy or girl.

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