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    Maddox, First or Middle?

    I have blown these boards up with my posts...but we are struggling. Sorry:/ My husband is now iffy on Maddox as a first name. We love the name Noah but I am unsure due to its popularity. I don't want my child to be one of ten in a class.

    Potential options on Mommys List:

    Noah Maddox Casey
    Maddox Oliver Casey
    Maddox Grant Casey
    Maddox Bentley Casey
    Maddox Finn Casey
    Maddox Joel Casey
    Maddox Jeremiah Casey
    Maddox Reid Casey
    Maddox William Casey

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    Both names are quite popular, but I feel like Noah is a bit more classic and less trendy. Plus, I'm not big on Maddox starting with 'Mad'. Plus, I don't see Maddox aging as well. It's one of those names that I feel like is adorable on a little kid or an incredibly handsome adult. However, I'd find it ironic to meet a bald, obese accountant with a stain on his shirt and thick glasses named Maddox. Noah, on the other hand, would fit a kid, teenager, adult, etc.
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    My vote is for Noah Maddox
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    I think Noah Maddox Casey sounds great!
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    Maddox in the middle only. I think Noah Maddox sounds nice. Maddox is really popular where I live. Honestly, I don't see the appeal of this name. It is just too Angelina for me.

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