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    Names that sound popular but aren't?

    My cousin is now pregnant with her third child, and she's looking to give her a name in the UK top 20. I am slightly disappointed, as she gave her first daughter a very common name (an alternative spelling of a name given to around 4000+ babies in that year), but her second a very uncommon name (father's choice, a name which was only given to 200 babies in 2011) that still fit in with the feel of today's trends, and I thought that was really refreshing.

    In my family, everyone tends to contribute to the name pool, so I'm hoping to give her some suggestions of names she might like that aren't so overused now. I will make a second post in this thread with the names to avoid (aka, UK top 100) so as not to clog this one, and I'm looking for names with a similar feel or sound to them. Nothing too out-there or too old-fashioned ideally, as I don't think that would appeal to her.
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