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    Two-Syllable Girl Name

    I'm getting really frustrated that I'm not LOVING anything for baby #3 right now. My daughters are Ruby & Lucy and I'm hoping to stick with another 2-syllable name. It doesn't "have" to end in the "e" sound, but my husband thinks it does so they all "go together". Our top contenders right now are Amy, Annie, Sadie, and Maggie. The middle names we are considering are Mae, Kate, Rose, Eve, and Snow. My favorite is Sadie and my husband's favorite is Maggie. I think Sadie feels like Ruby and Lucy in that it's an older name with a little bit of spunk. Maggie feels maybe....too sweet? I am afraid Annie is too plain and Amy is dated. So, give me any two-syllable names that you think are old-fashioned, but spunky. I'm still waiting for that "THAT'S IT!" feeling.

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