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    Since Lucy and Ruby are stand alone names and not nicknames I would aim to follow that pattern. Zoe, Chloe, Audrey all would do that.

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    I don't mind Amy actually. Little Women gives it a bit of a classic feel for me. Maggie I only like as a NN (I have known Maggies that were Megans - I rather like Megan, and unlike Marguerite/Magnolia, its not too long for your set)

    This is pretty hard, minus the L's and R's that immediately flooded my mind:
    Lucy, Ruby, and Ivy
    Lucy, Ruby, and Tansy
    Lucy, Ruby, and Molly
    Lucy, Ruby, and Tillie
    Lucy, Ruby, and Mary
    Lucy, Ruby, and Zoe
    Lucy, Ruby, and Xanthe

    No offense but I can think of a lot of 2-syllable names I like, and a lot of ends-in-ee sound names I like, but very few that are both. Well, that's not true, I like Maggie, Susie, Callie, Suki, Vivi, Roxy, Posy, Penny and Daisy - but think of them as nicknames. For some reason, I love a lot of 3 syllable names that end in an -ee sound and a lot of two syllable ones that don't.

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    I think Molly, Sadie or Ivy would fit best.
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    I like Amy. I don't like Maggie on it's own.
    Lucy, Ruby, and Carly
    Lucy, Ruby, and Heidi
    Lucy, Ruby, and Wendy
    Lucy, Ruby, and Daisy
    Lucy, Ruby, and Mary or Molly
    Lucy, Ruby, and Sally or Sadie
    my favorites are Sadie, Daisy, or Carly.
    Good Luck!

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