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    Middle Name for Raymond Goode

    My friend Sylvia is very OCD and loves lists and planning most. She isn't pregnant yet and has been married only a few months, but she and her husband, who adores her(it's extremely cute), have decided on the name Raymond for a little boy. His surname will be Goode pronounced Good.

    She wants some middle name suggestions and what you guys think of the combo and the name Raymond. Also what would you name a sister of Raymond. She seems to think that she'll have a soon first. I don't know why.

    How many syllables would you use for a middle name?

    Also any first name suggestions are welcomed. They also like Casper and Soren.

    Some ideas:

    Raymond Edvard
    Raymond Gustav
    Raymond Ollivander (from Harry Potter. She doesn't love Evander or Oliver as I've tried persuading. Husband isn't sold.)
    Raymond Theodore
    Raymond Vincent
    Raymond Wulfric

    She doesn't like trendy/popular names not because of their popularity but because she doesn't like such short names.

    Thanks for all comments in advance. I'm sure she'll appreciate the advice. Thanks.

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