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    Down to the wire on pen names

    Okay, so you may remember me as the girl with all the ridiculous pen name options from a while ago. My real name is Bailey Suzanna Sh- and my last name is hyphenated and somewhat unpronounceable. I've kind of settled on Suzanna as the first name. My main options for the whole name are Suzanna Sidney and Suzanna Sparrow. I like the alliteration in both of the names, so I think I want to stick with that. Sidney is a family name and I have a lot of ties to it, so I'd like to use it, but I can't get over how romantic and mysterious Sparrow sounds. Some other options that friends have suggested are Suzanna Sinclair, Suzanna Stone, and (I know this isn't alliterative but it's just so gorgeous) Suzanna Finnigan.

    Any thoughts? Suggestions? I'm pretty much open to anything except Suzanna Bailey. I know that seems like an easy choice, but for a number of reasons I'm not going that way. Anything else would be greatly appreciated.


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