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    Nicknames: Fia, Benji and more

    Character is a first generation American (her parents are, for now, from Poland, but I could make her from anywhere in northern Europe) and she's good at math and science, but dislikes it because she feels their rules restrain her. She has long, blonde hair, blue eyes and freckles. I really want her name to be Fia, but that isn't a common American or Polish name, so originally I had it be a nickname for Zofia, which is. I was wondering if anyone had any better ideas...?

    Other, less important character: male, teenager, from California. One of those people that seems to know and be friends with everybody (not exactly popular, just friendly), and slightly sarcastic but not in a mean way. Writes the sports column for a school newspaper, but doesn't play many sports himself. Likes baseball, rock-climbing, hiking, and travel. Reads a lot of nonfiction books about people that survive near-death experiences. His favorite color's orange. Average to short height, straight brown hair and eyes. My original name for him was Benjamin nn Benji, but I'm self-doubting.

    My last question is this: I have a character named Felicity nn Lacey, but I'm concerned that it's an unrealistic nickname to be drawn from her real name. What do you think? Should I keep both? If not, which should I change (Felicity or Lacey)?

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    Other ways to get Fia:

    For Benjamin nn Benji I like it, a classic name with a spunky nickname. Other names with the same feel:
    Alexander nn Xander or Xan
    Nathan nn Nate
    Jonathan nn Jonny
    Matthew nn Matty
    Philip nn Pip

    Felicity nn Lacey isn't too far off, maybe she could have been nn Lissie to start with and a sibling/cousin mispronounced it as Lacey and it stuck? Those sorts of nicknames aren't too uncommon or implausible.

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    The only one I see a problem with is Felicity nn Lacey. Licie is definitely closer and it has the same feel. She could also have acquired the nickname elsewhere; her first word, her personality/favorite fabric, derivative of a middle name.
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