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    I love it BUT would only use it as a middle name myself, because it is too common. But I love it just on it's own as a mn for something longer and more romantic.
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    I love Kate. It's simple but sweet, quirky and feminine in one. I don't see it as a plain name and I do not think it needs a full name.

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    It's pretty. Sort of common where I am from but Katie is more common then Kate...It's still a nice name though.

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    I only like it as a nn. I find it much too short to stand on its own. I'd much rather be named Katherine, Katrina, Kathleen, etc. and have nn options. Plus, I feel like a proper name has more potential to grow with you through your life.
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    I love the name Kate, as a first and a middle, and also Cate, which I'm planning to use as a nickname (for my currently imaginary children that is) - it's simple and sweet, like you say. Good luck!

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