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    Is this name too plain??

    I'm curious what your opinion of this name is. I find it classic, sweet, feminine, and understated. I've always considered it as a middle name, but am thinking about its potential as a first name....hmmm...
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    I think Kate is a really pretty and classic name. I do not think it is boring at all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by proudtosayy View Post
    I think Kate is a really pretty and classic name. I do not think it is boring at all.
    My thought as well. I don't love it but I voted that I love it because it most closely resembled my opinions.
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    I really like Kate by itself as a middle name only. As a first name it feels a bit incomplete, but it doesn't have that cutesy factor like Maggie or Maddie which scream nickname to me. I could see it as a stand alone.
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    I like Kate, it is common but pretty.
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